Monday, 25 November 2013


Sooo...I've decided to start blogging in English now. It doesn't really make sense for me to write in Estonian since my work and everything is in English and its always good to practice as much writing as possible. My work will probably always involve writing in one way or an other so I can only benefit from it:)

In my last post I said I would talk a bit about my job. I'm currently a PR intern and Amaka Design House..they're about to open a seasonal boutique at the Westfield shopping centre. Its based on the pop-up store concept which means different designers can bring and sell their products to stores that just randomly pop-up somewhere for a short time. Well..not so randomly actually..there is a lot of work that goes into opening one up:) My work load is not that big at the moment so I'm still looking for an other internship or assistant position with more work hours and for a weekend job as well. Hope I find them soon :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Welcome back..

..igatahes seekord, kui piiripeal passi kontrolliti siis öeldi mulle "Tere tulemast tagasi!". Selline tunne jäi kohe nagu, et oleks koju tuleku puhul tervitatud. Mul oli vaja korra Eestisse kiire reis teha. Selle sisse jäi lisaks miljonile asjatoimetusele ka Halloween. Pidu oli mu meeles väga äge, kuid kuna ma sain sellest vaid päev varem teada siis midagi väga originaalset ma välja mõelda ei suutnud just ja väga jubedaks ka ennast tegema ei hakanud. Järgmine aasta paremini! :)