Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Christmas at Home

Since I came to London I was absolutely sure I would stay in London for Christmas and New Year's..and of course I changed my mind and still went home.
Well..Christmas was Christmas..lots of time spent with the family and LOADS of food. Its been a month since then and I still feel like I'm full and don't want to see any large amounts of food. Most of my days home were mother-daughter days and I tried to spend as much time with my little nephew as possible. Managed to see most of my friends and its was great little break from London.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Good Times Before Christmas

Between work I've had some fun times too :) My mom came to visit me about a week before Christmas. It was so good to see her..we had some seriously good reasons to celebrate and have some stress free time. She got here on Sunday evening and I went to meet with her at Victoria Station. I was so worried I was going to be late and she would get there before me that that I got there an hour before she did. When she finally arrived I just couldn't stop smiling, it made me so happy to see her again! We came back to my flat and quickly unpacked her things (and gifts and Estonian food for me) and went out for dinner. While we were eating there was a couple who sat down at the table next to ours. Let me just say I've never seen anyone eat as fast as they did. OK, the eating part might have been alright but they finished a bottle of wine literally in like 15-20minutes. I always feel like I'm the slowest eater ever but they were just next level fast! After dinner I showed my mom around a bit..but it was so windy outside that we really couldn't walk for long. Got home, had some tea and talked-talked-talked.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

WorkWorkWork=Amaka Design House

Sunrise :)
I have bunch of posts to write now..was pretty busy with work and stuff and then came Christmas and I just didn't have time to write here. I will go back to my promise to write about my job. I got into work-mode pretty fast after I got here. I started doing marketing and PR for Amaka Design House and their pop up boutique. In addition to doing that I helped out on opening the store. We had some pretty long days to get everything set up but it felt so good once everything started to come together. I now regret that I wasn't taking any photos while we were setting everything up so there would be a great timeline of the progress..but oh well.. After the store was opened I started working there as well. Working at a store full of beautiful clothes and jewellery is torture!! I wanted to buy half of the things there..especially the jewellery, it was sooo beautiful. I actually don't have much more to write about that busy time. My days were spent either in-store or doing the other stuff for them at home on my computer.