Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Perfect Sundays

For me Sundays used to be days where I would mostly sit at home and do nothing..with an excuse that it was Sunday. But since I moved to London I always like to get up quite early and go do something. One of my favorite things to do is going to the Columbia Road Flower market. The have just SO many beautiful flowers and I love that it's based in Shoreditch I feel like it is the area to be on a Sunday..because nothing beats the Shoreditch Sunday vibe for me! So relaxed and friendly! This last Sunday I actually got there pretty late and there weren't that many flowers left but me and my friend still managed to get some beautiful tulips. But in all honest I just can't wait for the peonies season to start..I can only imagine how beautiful the whole market will look then!!

Once we had our flowers we decided to just sit on the terrace at Boxpark and enjoy the sunshine because the weather was just amazing! We also got to enjoy some live music and happy people around us...and it was just yet another perfect Sunday! :)

Luckily the weather continues being warm and sunny..so today I've been sitting in the sun on my balcony. Sending out my CVs again and writing this blog post as well :)

Grete x

Sunday, 31 August 2014

A quick recap of spring time

Well this has been a long break from blogging for sure..I don't even know why it happened. I know that at one point I had so many things to blog about but it would have been of something that happened awhile ago so I just kept postponing writing about stuff. So now I've decided to just do a few posts that recap what has been happening and hopefully will get back on track soon. I'm currently quite busy with an internship but since I really do enjoy blogging, I just have to make time for it :)

I stopped blogging just before Easter so I'm going to start off with a few pictures of the Easter brunch I had. The so-called recap posts will mainly be pictures entries I think..just to make going through them quicker for you ;)

I've always liked Easter because I enjoy all the traditions that come with it. I guess they are a bit different for everyone, especially in different countries and cultures. One strong tradition for me is to always colour my Easter eggs with onionskin. I think it makes such beautiful and colourful eggs. I have to admit that I got quite few odd looks when I putting the onion skins in a little bag at Waitrose instead of the onions themselves..but oh well..I needed them :D It is best to do it with white eggs..but much to my surprise I discovered that there are only brown eggs sold in England. Still baffles my mind but once someone decided that the brown eggs are just better for us and the white eggs were eliminated. Random! All of this resulted in a London wide egg hunt for me because I refused to believe that there are NO white eggs on sale.  After hours of searching I was finally able to find four almost white eggs from Harrods. They weren't regular chicken eggs and bit smaller in size but worked for me!


I also managed to win a selma baking competition by submitting a picture of the ones I baked.

I won a free lunch for two at the Scandinavian Kitchen and it was absolutely delicious! The portion was so big that I couldn't even eat all of it..

...and then there was cake too!

My mom managed to find some time and come visit me too. Usually when she comes over it ends up being a days full of shopping but this time we didn't do almost any shopping at all. Instead I showed her around London and some of my favorite places. We had such a lovely time together :)

I took her to Borough market which she absolutely loved..but I guess it is hard not to love it as it is simply amazing. We walked around for a bit and then had some amazing food there as well. 

Other than that we just walked around London for hours..well days and she got to see so many new places. We took a short trip to Harrods too..but only to bring back some more delicious food :D It was my first time to finally try cronuts and it was soooo goood :D The one's from Harrods were a bit big but I actually managed to eat the whole thing! 

It seems like all I ate during spring was different kind of cakes..oops! 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

My first juice cleanse experience

I've been wanting to try a juice cleanse for a longest time now and kept talking about it to everyone how much I felt like I needed one. So finally my mom got one for me as a gift..I really couldn't afford one myself because they are quite pricy. Thank you sooo much mom!!

It was my first time trying out a juice cleanse and it took me a little while to choose which one I would like to do. After reading tons of different reviews and comparing the prices I decided to get the 3 day Explore Cleanse from Fruveju. Their juices flood the cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and heal your body. The use only organic ingredients and their juices are raw which means they are as clean as a juice can get.

I have to say that I'm really happy with my choice because their juices were delicious and I'm glad about the fact that I didn't get hungry during the cleanse. This was one thing that I was afraid of that I would be starving for three days but that wasn't the case at all.

The juices arrived the night before my cleanse started. All I had to do was to put them in my fridge and wait for the morning to start with my cleanse. The juices were numbered so it was easy to keep track which one I would have to drink next.

I'm not going to write what every juice is good for because they have so many good things that they are doing. If interested you can find more info on the Fruveju website. I'm just going to write a little review what I thought about the juices :)

The day starts off with the Pure Greens juice and its also the third juice of the day. It tastes so fresh and is perfect for the morning and I've heard that our bodies take in the green stuff better in the morning. It's also really filling and it is 500ml after all..definitely didn't feel hungry at all during my cleanse. I was actually a little afraid that I would be hungry and wouldn't last the three days but it was easier than I thought. But I did miss biting into some delicious food..that was the hardest part about all of it. At the same time it was a great way to reduce snacking habits.

The second juice of the day was the Watermelime juice..and it was SOO delicious. It was literally gone in seconds! :D But I guess it's kind of given that it would taste good as it tastes exactly like watermelon..and who doesn't like watermelons, right? I thought of this juice as that snack you would be craving before lunch when getting a little hungry already.

After this one came another Pure Greens juice.

The next juice was called the Spicy Lemonade. Reading its ingredients I can honestly say that I wasn't too excited about this one but I was pleasantly surprised how good it actually tasted. And yes it really was spicy, especially if you are like me and usually don't eat a lot of spicy things. But at the same time its taste wasn't too strong so it was super easy to drink it.

Aaand then came the Red Pineapple juice. I have to be honest and say it was my least favourite one. It looks and sounds super good..and actually tastes really good as well as long as I took only few small sips. But I'm pretty sure most people would actually find this one as one of their favourites. I guess the Extend Cleanse they also offer would be better fit for me since they have this juice replaced with the Pure Greens one. But it didn't really matter that I wasn't able to finish all of it every day because I was so full from the previous ones that it probably would have been hard to finish any of them.

By the evening I usually had some room in my stomach again and the day was finished off with delicious and sweet Cashew Milk..I could drink this every day..all day long! :D I just liked it so much and as it was the last juice of the cleanse as well so was really nice end to the cleanse :)

I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I survived those three days without eating anything else. Before starting I kept telling myself that I can do it but there was still this little doubt in my mind that maybe I would give up before the end. But I have to say, having all this juices ready and waiting for me in the fridge made it so much easier. Because otherwise it would have been so easy just to slip and snack on something instead. I actually didn't feel very good on the first night when I had had all of my juices but I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't even out the juices over the day..so I had to have four of them pretty much one after the other. So I think I was just so full that it made me feel a little sick..like kind of the same when you over eat. This is definitely something to keep in mind when doing the cleanse to make some sort of schedule every morning to plan out when you would be drinking them. It might have also been that I wasn't prepared enough for the cleanse by what I was eating before I started. The next morning I felt good again and continued with my cleanse and the rest of the cleanse went by really good..felt fresher and better by the minute. 

I knew this cleanse would work in means of cleaning out my system and getting rid of all the bad stuff in my body. But at the same time I didn't think there would be any actual changes that I could see. So I was pretty surprised about how soft my skin got in just three days and the same happened to my hair as well. I've always had quite a soft skin on my face but after the cleanse it was just amazing. I also felt really fresh and full of energy which is rather unusual for me but I guess it might be because I've also slept much better after the cleanse. 

I would definitely recommend doing the juice cleanse to everyone, because I do believe our bodies need to be cleaned every now and then. Also, it really does work..you will feel better after it. There is always a choice to make all the juices yourself but I just know that I like food so much that to make sure I would stick to it, it was good to have the juices ready and waiting for me. I know that I will definitely do this again sometime and my pick would be the Fruveju juices again for sure!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sunny Sunday Brunch! :)

On Sunday I invited my friend over for a little brunch on my balcony. As I recently went home to Estonia she asked me to bring back some sprat that is already seasoned and ready to eat. I hope I use the right name for that fish :) Anyways..It is usually eaten on dark bread, which I also brought with me from Estonia, and boiled eggs with little bit of onions on top. They might look like there isn't much taste to them but in reality all of those things together make such a perfect bite! We got some fresh fruits as well to have something to snack on because our brunch ended up being about 5 hours long. Of course we had some Mimosas as well, whats a brunch without Mimosas, right? ;)

It was such a nice and relaxing way to spend a Sunday. We enjoyed the view and talked about eeeeverything and those five hours went by just so fast. And of course it helped that it was so nice and sunny outside. Got a great vitamin D kick out of it!

This is what the sandwiches looked like..trust me - delicious!!

Cheers to Sunny Sundays!

I love days like this. Makes me really appreciate life and enjoy the little moments and the amazing people around me!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sunny Days! :)

London was graced with some wonderfully warm and sunny days for a while.
Its back to a bit colder weather now but it was just amazing while it lasted. It showed for a while that one Sunday was going to be extra nice and warm..so warm that I didn't believe it at first. But when the day came it was even warmer than it showed. The highest it got was 20 degrees and off to a picnic in at Hollant park I was. It felt just so nice to feel the spring sun..it felt like I was on a holiday!

The week after that was pretty warm as well..with some little colder days but still mostly sunny and just so nice. When ever I had a chance I spent my time outside. 

One day I went to the Borough Market again to get some yummy stuff. After getting my things from the market I thought I would just walk down to the river and then go back home..but oh well..ended up walking around for like an hour. Or even longer probably. I love London so much for the fact that there are just so many places to discover.

A few days after a took another walk again! :D This time I was walking around for three hours almost. London can be pretty windy but on that day there was literally zero wind! During those nice days I was like a little kid who didn't want to go back inside :)
Limehouse is one of my new favorite neighborhoods in London now!
It was such a nice walk because most of it was along the river
At some point the walking around got a bit boring so I met up with a friend at the Real Food Market. Got some great food and went on to have another little picnic. We found a little place to sit down at the Jubilee Gardens and enjoyed our delicious food.
I'm a total kid when it comes to cotton candy..I just have to have it when I see it.
And the week was topped off with another warm Sunday. I decided to just relax and enjoy it on my balcony. It was the first time it was so warm there that I was able to wear shorts until the sunset. It was so weird how warm it was considering that the next day it was back to about 13degrees and it felt like the summer was over..but I know its not too long now until the nice warm weather is back again! :)

I just realized that pretty much my whole post was about weather!! :D Oh wellll...I guess it really did feel special then to have such nice weather so early and I really enjoyed it! :)