Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sunny Days! :)

London was graced with some wonderfully warm and sunny days for a while.
Its back to a bit colder weather now but it was just amazing while it lasted. It showed for a while that one Sunday was going to be extra nice and warm that I didn't believe it at first. But when the day came it was even warmer than it showed. The highest it got was 20 degrees and off to a picnic in at Hollant park I was. It felt just so nice to feel the spring felt like I was on a holiday!

The week after that was pretty warm as well..with some little colder days but still mostly sunny and just so nice. When ever I had a chance I spent my time outside. 

One day I went to the Borough Market again to get some yummy stuff. After getting my things from the market I thought I would just walk down to the river and then go back home..but oh well..ended up walking around for like an hour. Or even longer probably. I love London so much for the fact that there are just so many places to discover.

A few days after a took another walk again! :D This time I was walking around for three hours almost. London can be pretty windy but on that day there was literally zero wind! During those nice days I was like a little kid who didn't want to go back inside :)
Limehouse is one of my new favorite neighborhoods in London now!
It was such a nice walk because most of it was along the river
At some point the walking around got a bit boring so I met up with a friend at the Real Food Market. Got some great food and went on to have another little picnic. We found a little place to sit down at the Jubilee Gardens and enjoyed our delicious food.
I'm a total kid when it comes to cotton candy..I just have to have it when I see it.
And the week was topped off with another warm Sunday. I decided to just relax and enjoy it on my balcony. It was the first time it was so warm there that I was able to wear shorts until the sunset. It was so weird how warm it was considering that the next day it was back to about 13degrees and it felt like the summer was over..but I know its not too long now until the nice warm weather is back again! :)

I just realized that pretty much my whole post was about weather!! :D Oh wellll...I guess it really did feel special then to have such nice weather so early and I really enjoyed it! :)


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