Thursday, 27 February 2014

Discovering the Real Food Market

As I've mentioned before I looove markets. So this time I decided to go to the Real Food Market which is at the Southbank Centre just a short walk from the Waterloo station and from the London Eye. This place was seriously just a street food heaven!! It might not be really the largest market in London but it doesn't really matter because there were just so many delicious things every where and of course the location is super good. Also, the atmosphere there felt really good and welcoming. It took me a few rounds to decide what I would like to eat there..and to be honest I actually didn't go there with a plan to eat but just to browse around and take some pics. But once I got there I knew there was no way could resist. The great thing was that most of the vendors offered little bites to taste. It was seriously a party in my mouth! :D and there are so many things that made me want to go back and eat them too in near future. I'm super happy that it is so easy to get there for me so I can really go there whenever I want to. The market is open three days a week, from Friday-Sunday. They will be holding a World Street Food Festival which will take place on Queens Walk from the 18th - 21st April. I know its quite a bit of time until then but literally can't wait for it and hope that I can go there. I'm already sure that it will be just amazing!

And now I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Looking at them makes me so hungry and I really cannot wait to go back again!! :)

Had a few pieces of this meat to try. It was just so tender and delicious!!
This thing is on my 'To-try' list for sure
Perfect for bringing these home as souvenirs or just as little cute present someone
I actually wanted to buy some of that hummus on the right..but silly me forgot to do that :P
Hopefully will get something from this table too the next time I go there

And after a few rounds and tasting different things I came back to this:

The sauce this chicken was in was just sooo delicous!!!

It was served with some pickles, coleslaw and potatoes that are hiding under the coleslaw. Everything together worked just so well and I totally recommend getting this if you happen to go there :)


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Little perfect breakfast

On the morning of the Estonian Independence day it was so nice outside. I think it was the first day that it was about 14 degrees outside. The sun was shining and it wasn't windy at all so I decided to have a nice breakfast on my balcony. It was the first time I was able to do that and I really couldn't wait for it to get warm enough outside to do that. I think it will go back to being a little colder again but I'm sure I will have plenty of time to have some nice relaxing meals there..enjoying the sun and the view :)

It was definitely a great way to start my day..and my week! :)


Monday, 24 February 2014

My internship at Matthew Williamson

Over Christmas I set myself a goal to work at a show at London Fashion Week. So around mid-January I was sending e-mails to different designers..well to "their people" offering to help at their shows. I started with my most favourite ones and it wasn't long before I got an e-mail back from Matthew Williamson and had an interview time set for the next day. Aaand then only two days later found out that they would like me to help them at the show and in the office before the show as well. I couldn't believe how lucky I got. I sent my e-mail at the right time by accident AND got to do a short internship for them too. I was an Marketing&Events Manager's intern. Matthew Williamson's show was one of the top shows I would have loved to work at and it actually happened. I even did a little celebration-dance when I found out that I got the spot :)

My tasks as an intern varied from hand delivering show invitation to collecting things for a photo shoot to folding credit sheets. I'm not going to lie..running around London and delivering invitations was pretty tiring but I'm not complaining at all because I was so thankful for that opportunity. Every night I got home I couldn't stop smiling because I was just so happy. And as a bonus lost quite a bit of weight too!! :D The other bonus was that I got to see parts of London that I probably wouldn't ever visit or even know about. 

Before and after the internship:)

 Show Day

On Sunday the 16th the show day had finally arrived. I was super excited about it because after all it was my first time working at a show at fashion week. We had to finish some final things at the office and then it was off to the show spot. The show was held at One Great George Street and the venue was just so beautiful!!
Me and other interns had to make the seats ready for the guests. We had to put the credit sheets and MW cookies on every seat. Those cookies were amazing and great way to create a buzz on social media as well:)

Other than that we just had to help here and there and it wasn't too crazy. I had actually time to really enjoy the whole experience. But still the few hours before the show went by super fast so before I knew it, it was show time! I was so happy that I actually got to watch the show was amaziiing!! I'm sorry that my pics aren't really the best but still a little peek to what was going on :)
Models getting their make-up done
All the looks. My favourites were 6, 12, 21, 29, 36, 37 and 39.
One of my favourite dresses

So sorry for the blurry pics but to be honest with the new iPhone it takes forever for it to focus on moving object when its a bit darker. In daylight its much better than the last one but like this it is still pretty bad in my opinion..
Backstage after the show

And then we hurried back to our office..changed our clothes, freshened our make-ups..grabbed two slices of pizza and ran to the after party. Me and two other interns had to work at the door for a little bit but luckily only at the beginning and then it was partyyy time!!! :) 

I miss these girls!!

It was a really great day and night..or I mean my whole time working there was sooo awesome and I already miss working there so much. Met some amazing people and I'm forever grateful for this opportunity!!

The next day I spent most of my day in bed, but I think I had the right to be a little lazy for a day. Only went out to get some well deserved prosecco and ice cream :) It was good to relax but now I'm back to looking for the 'next thing' and can't wait to see what is going to happen next! :)


Friday, 21 February 2014

Little stroll through Borough Market

On one sunny Friday when I had a day off from everything I went to Borough Market. I've always loved markets and could spend hours browsing around. It might be because I looove food and cooking so everything food related gets me excited :) Whenever I travel I also try to visit local markets if possible. There is just something about the atmosphere at the markets that feels goood :)
I think I did three rounds at the Borough Market. First was just to walk around and discover the place..because I haven't been there before. Second was to take pictures and on my third round I bought some delicious stuff for myself as well.
One great thing about Borough Market is that all the sellers there were so friendly and whenever you stop to look at something they are eager to offer you things to try. Its so good because you can actually taste things you are about to buy and it makes the decision what to get so much easier. And you need it..there are just so many amazing things to choose from. I'm so glad that the market is only few tube stops away from me. I can't wait to go back again!! :)

How about some zebra burgers!? I don't think I could ever eat it!!

There was actually a lot of street food offered but I didn't get any. It was nice out and everything but it was a bit cold still. Can't wait for it to get nicer outside to go and try some of the things they had.

Got some fresh goodies for myself too :)
Truffle Salami and coat's cheese which was cover with some pieces that were soaked in red wine. Both were delicious!!!

Borough Market is definitely a must go place when visiting London..and also when you live here. Great place to get fresh and good food from! :)