Saturday, 8 February 2014

My NBA Experience

I've always wanted to go to a NBA game...aaand I was finally lucky enough to go. I went to the NBA London game between Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks at the O2 arena. Let me just was awesoooome! I thought I would spend a little more and get a good ticket because what are the changes I get to go again anytime soon. Well, I had no idea my seat was so close to the court..I bought my ticket on my iPad and the system on their wasn't really the best. When I later checked it on my computer it was so much easier to understand where exactly your seats would be. Anyways, I thought a seat so upfront would be mush more expensive than it was..I felt pretty awkward at first when I walked in because I was surrounded with all the oh so important NBA people and was like what am I dooooing here!?!? But eventually it was pretty cool..never thought I would see Paul McCartney in such environment..or I'm not really sure how to explain it. It was just cool! :D There were a lot of celebrities(Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne, Liam Payne, just to name a few..and there were many that I didn't recognise at first but had to look up later) and there were also a lot of football players but I have to be honest and say that I had no idea who most of them were(well I only new one!) :) During the halftime I collected all the courage that I had and went to ask Ellie for a picture. I love her music for some reason even-though that type of music isn't really number one on my playlist but hers just sounds good. She was supper nice and friendly and didn't make it awkward for me to ask this from her. I'm usually not really a star crazy but since I love her music it was pretty cool experience for me! But I mean I had Liam Payne who is from 1Direction stand in front of me for a longest time..chatting with his friends. If I would be like about 5 years younger I'm sure I would have gone crazy from seeing him :D

More about the game now..I was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to follow the game because I had never seen a NBA game live before and it always seemed soso fast. This fear was luckily for nothing and I got so into it that time went by way too fast and it was actually over waaay quicker that I would of liked. I mean I literally didn't want to leave the arena to make the experience last longer. I'm definitely going again next year if they come to London again. Although I hope the game will be between teams that I like a bit more..or at least if one of them would be. Also, if I can get it..I will try to get the same level tickets next year as well because it really was pretty awesome to be so close to the game. Oh I wish I could go to a game every week!! But then again it probably wouldn't be and feel so special anymore.

Pics of the game aren't really the best quality but at least I got some pics. It was pretty hard to get any good shots because they were so bloody fast and a lot of the photos came out blurry. 

I really can't wait for next year to go againnn!!! :)

One more glimpse of the O2 arena on my way home

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