Friday, 21 February 2014

Little stroll through Borough Market

On one sunny Friday when I had a day off from everything I went to Borough Market. I've always loved markets and could spend hours browsing around. It might be because I looove food and cooking so everything food related gets me excited :) Whenever I travel I also try to visit local markets if possible. There is just something about the atmosphere at the markets that feels goood :)
I think I did three rounds at the Borough Market. First was just to walk around and discover the place..because I haven't been there before. Second was to take pictures and on my third round I bought some delicious stuff for myself as well.
One great thing about Borough Market is that all the sellers there were so friendly and whenever you stop to look at something they are eager to offer you things to try. Its so good because you can actually taste things you are about to buy and it makes the decision what to get so much easier. And you need it..there are just so many amazing things to choose from. I'm so glad that the market is only few tube stops away from me. I can't wait to go back again!! :)

How about some zebra burgers!? I don't think I could ever eat it!!

There was actually a lot of street food offered but I didn't get any. It was nice out and everything but it was a bit cold still. Can't wait for it to get nicer outside to go and try some of the things they had.

Got some fresh goodies for myself too :)
Truffle Salami and coat's cheese which was cover with some pieces that were soaked in red wine. Both were delicious!!!

Borough Market is definitely a must go place when visiting London..and also when you live here. Great place to get fresh and good food from! :)

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