Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sunny Sunday Brunch! :)

On Sunday I invited my friend over for a little brunch on my balcony. As I recently went home to Estonia she asked me to bring back some sprat that is already seasoned and ready to eat. I hope I use the right name for that fish :) Anyways..It is usually eaten on dark bread, which I also brought with me from Estonia, and boiled eggs with little bit of onions on top. They might look like there isn't much taste to them but in reality all of those things together make such a perfect bite! We got some fresh fruits as well to have something to snack on because our brunch ended up being about 5 hours long. Of course we had some Mimosas as well, whats a brunch without Mimosas, right? ;)

It was such a nice and relaxing way to spend a Sunday. We enjoyed the view and talked about eeeeverything and those five hours went by just so fast. And of course it helped that it was so nice and sunny outside. Got a great vitamin D kick out of it!

This is what the sandwiches looked me - delicious!!

Cheers to Sunny Sundays!

I love days like this. Makes me really appreciate life and enjoy the little moments and the amazing people around me!


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