Monday, 27 January 2014

Good Times Before Christmas

Between work I've had some fun times too :) My mom came to visit me about a week before Christmas. It was so good to see her..we had some seriously good reasons to celebrate and have some stress free time. She got here on Sunday evening and I went to meet with her at Victoria Station. I was so worried I was going to be late and she would get there before me that that I got there an hour before she did. When she finally arrived I just couldn't stop smiling, it made me so happy to see her again! We came back to my flat and quickly unpacked her things (and gifts and Estonian food for me) and went out for dinner. While we were eating there was a couple who sat down at the table next to ours. Let me just say I've never seen anyone eat as fast as they did. OK, the eating part might have been alright but they finished a bottle of wine literally in like 15-20minutes. I always feel like I'm the slowest eater ever but they were just next level fast! After dinner I showed my mom around a bit..but it was so windy outside that we really couldn't walk for long. Got home, had some tea and talked-talked-talked.

The next they my bestie P. came to London for a some work stuff..but she had some free time to spend and we went wedding dress shopping for her!! Aaand she was successful finding her perfect dress. She looked just incredibly beautiful in that dress. I can't wait for her wedding..she is going to be such a beautiful bride!! Oh and the wedding is in Italy so I can't wait for that weekend getaway too! :)
After the successful dress shopping we were both starving and went to grab something to eat.

Our massive burgers!!
 And my beautiful mom joined us as well :)

And then we were off to do some more shopping :D It was good to see her here..hope that next time she can stay a bit longer! :)

As me and my mom are total shopaholics we managed to spend our entire next day shopping. Since the weather wasn't the best we went to Westfield, White City to be inside and that's also where I work. It was great to show her the store and introduce her to everyone and then we were off to shoppiiiing. Let me just say it was one successful day full of shopping and beautiful things. To celebrate our success (and some other things) we finished our day with nice glass of champagne. We also wanted to go to the Winter Wonderland but it was raining outside so we went to a Lebanese restaurant for some delicious food instead.

Tired but happyyyy!!!

My mom couldn't stay here for very long but long enough to convince me to go home for Christmas! :D

I love that there was a Christmas tree in the lobby of my apartment building and that it was a real one..I love the smell of it :D Also, there was the cutest Santa's Grotto in a shopping center close to my home. As I'm writing this post wayyy after Christmas it makes me kind of miss all the Christmas decorations. But I'm so-so ready for it to get nice and warm outside again.

After my mom left it was time to get all the Christmas shopping done for my family. Took me sometime to figure out what to get everyone but at the end I believe I did pretty good :)

Just few days before I was off to Estonia I found out that R. and her boyfriend are in London. Me and R. studied together in Cambridge and she was here because she won a trip to London with some really awesome things included. Lucky her! We met at the Winter Wonderland, which I was so happy about because every time I had planned to go something came up and I couldn't go. We only saw each other for like an hour or so but it was time well spent for sure!!

Enjoying some mulled wine :)

Then I was off to get few last things before going home for Christmas and to pack my things. My flight was so early in the morning that I only got a few hours of sleep but as always I slept pretty god on my flight so by the time I landed I felt pretty good.

More about my Christmas at home in the next post! :)


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