Sunday, 26 January 2014

WorkWorkWork=Amaka Design House

Sunrise :)
I have bunch of posts to write now..was pretty busy with work and stuff and then came Christmas and I just didn't have time to write here. I will go back to my promise to write about my job. I got into work-mode pretty fast after I got here. I started doing marketing and PR for Amaka Design House and their pop up boutique. In addition to doing that I helped out on opening the store. We had some pretty long days to get everything set up but it felt so good once everything started to come together. I now regret that I wasn't taking any photos while we were setting everything up so there would be a great timeline of the progress..but oh well.. After the store was opened I started working there as well. Working at a store full of beautiful clothes and jewellery is torture!! I wanted to buy half of the things there..especially the jewellery, it was sooo beautiful. I actually don't have much more to write about that busy time. My days were spent either in-store or doing the other stuff for them at home on my computer. 

I will just share some photos that where taken around the busy opening time.

The store from outside
I was debating whether to add photos of the things from the store as well..but though its probably not too interesting to look at.

Loved this hat..but I probably wouldn't dare to wear it :)
Some well deserved shakes after was the best I've had in a long time :)
Ready for the launch party

I probably would have more to write about all of that if I had done it back when it all happened. I will definitely try to be better with writing about things as they happen.

Our gift bags

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