Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Christmas at Home

Since I came to London I was absolutely sure I would stay in London for Christmas and New Year's..and of course I changed my mind and still went home.
Well..Christmas was Christmas..lots of time spent with the family and LOADS of food. Its been a month since then and I still feel like I'm full and don't want to see any large amounts of food. Most of my days home were mother-daughter days and I tried to spend as much time with my little nephew as possible. Managed to see most of my friends and its was great little break from London.

I got home only a day before Christmas so my first days were full of baking and decorating..loved it! :)

It a tradition in our family to read a poem or do something before we get our gift from Santa. For yeeeaars now me and my brother read this poem in Russian which we both studied in school..we both remember it oh so wrong and read it oh so loud..and have no idea what we are saying..someone is looking in from the window at the end..that is all I know! :D

The next day I was able to go and babysit my little nephew for a little while. And I'm pretty happy I managed to make it to Tallinn's Town Square on my trip home as well. I absolutely love it there!! I'm not the biggest fan of snow but this is one place that feels so much more magical with snow..but no snow this year :(

Aaand then it was already time for the New Years...I had tickets to go back to London and everything but my plans changed the last minute due to several reasons and stayed for a bit longer. We got together again with the fam on the eve of new year and had another face stuffing fest.
Bit of my baking again and our table :)
And then I was off to P.'s place which I arrived pretty late and then we were off to a nightclub in town. We watched the city's fireworks show at the Freedom Square..it was quite good and there were so many fireworks happening at the same time that it was pretty crazy. After that we went back to the nightclub and partied our night awayyyyy. I'm a big believer in the saying that if you feel happy on the first hours of the new year you will feel happy for the rest of the year! It was for sure a great night! :)
I looove polaroid photos..polaroid camera is definitely on my wishlist!!


The next day this little cutie came to visit me...it was the "no-make-up and staying-in-my-PJ's-all-day" kind of day for sure!! To be honest its almost like a tradition for me..1st of January is a Pajama Day! (oh no there is a picture of me without make-up on..on internet now!!! haha..who knows me knows what this means! :D)

It was good to be home..but I'm also really happy to be back in London!! It really does feel like home already and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else at the moment! :)

Grete x

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