Monday, 25 November 2013


Sooo...I've decided to start blogging in English now. It doesn't really make sense for me to write in Estonian since my work and everything is in English and its always good to practice as much writing as possible. My work will probably always involve writing in one way or an other so I can only benefit from it:)

In my last post I said I would talk a bit about my job. I'm currently a PR intern and Amaka Design House..they're about to open a seasonal boutique at the Westfield shopping centre. Its based on the pop-up store concept which means different designers can bring and sell their products to stores that just randomly pop-up somewhere for a short time. Well..not so randomly actually..there is a lot of work that goes into opening one up:) My work load is not that big at the moment so I'm still looking for an other internship or assistant position with more work hours and for a weekend job as well. Hope I find them soon :)

Enough about work now :D Last Friday I got some incredibly good news and I just had to go out and celebrate!!! I went out with a friend from Estonia..she is a model and lives in London as well. We went out for dinner to an Italian food restaurant with some of her friends and after that we went was a good night for sure!! We didn't have to pay for anything that night but to be honest..I don't really like going out and not paying for anything. Don't know why but makes me feel kind of I owe something to those people then or I don't know. Maybe its just me and because I didn't know anyone..but I'd much rather pay for my own things. Yes, its fine if I go out on a date and they pay the bill or someone gets me a drink at a bar..but at least I have an option to pay myself if I want.

The next day was totally for recovering..that's one of the reasons why I don't really want to go out that much at the moment. I don't get anything productive done the next day and I really have sooo many things to do. Sending out CV-s and cover letters takes away a lot of my some days I spend almost the whole day at home just writing those. I don't like to send the exact same cover letter to every agency..doesn't seem right to me. I do think that they should be more personal in means of doing some research on the agency and really finding out what would make my cover letter stand out for them. Good thing about spending days at home is that I get to see the amazing sunsets from my window. Sky is the favorite thing to take photos of for me now I get to do it all the time. Yeah it might get boring soon with always having the same view..but the good thing about the sky is - its never the same!

On Monday I went out for dinner with my friend Silvi. She is also from Estonia and we met when we were both studying in Cambridge. Its crazy how much fun we're always having..we pretty much just laugh constantly. We just get each others jokes so well. We had dinner at Carluccio's where she took me about an hour to get there but in London thats like nothing :P Yes, there are a lot of Carluccio's restaurants closer to me as well but I wanted to see Pinner where its located and also thanks to her being a general manager..our dinner was free. Yes, I said before that I'd like to pay for my own things..but now I had an option if I would have wanted to..and I don't know..its just different. Not that bunch of Italian men are paying for my dinner and drinks..but my good friend invited me for a dinner. (oh well..Carluccio himself is also basically it was still an older Italian man paying for my dinner and drinks..) Anyways Im sure that many of you get what I mean with the whole "free"dinner thing..I just don't believe in those. 
Silvi has worked at Carluccio's since we both lived in Cambridge..and as the main things on their menu stay the same..its one of those restaurants for me where I don't really need to look at the menu..I already know what I want. I sometimes feel like I've worked at Carluccio's because of how much time I have spent there...and yes I actually have helped them a few times to be honest :D
We ate for like 5 hours!!! Its crazy how much food we managed to eat..but your stomach can get empty again after 3 hours or so :D And they had a new thing on their specials menu - crab lasagna...its to die for!!!


For some reason (I blame the wine) ..we (well..I) thought it was an awesome idea to continue our night in town..on Monday..why??? Not going into details about that night..but was yet another awesome night out..which MUST be the last one for a while now!! Good thing is that I can't afford going out at the moment anyways so that should keep me in..I hope!

I will get back to sending my CV-s out now...oh and sorry for all the grammar mistakes you will probably find..and there might be bits that just don't make any sense..but I'm too lazy to re-read my blog. Have to re-read so many other things at the moment so I'm not gonna care too much about the proper English on my blog:) But I do try to give my best to get everything right. :)

Cheerios my loves!!

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