Sunday, 31 August 2014

A quick recap of spring time

Well this has been a long break from blogging for sure..I don't even know why it happened. I know that at one point I had so many things to blog about but it would have been of something that happened awhile ago so I just kept postponing writing about stuff. So now I've decided to just do a few posts that recap what has been happening and hopefully will get back on track soon. I'm currently quite busy with an internship but since I really do enjoy blogging, I just have to make time for it :)

I stopped blogging just before Easter so I'm going to start off with a few pictures of the Easter brunch I had. The so-called recap posts will mainly be pictures entries I think..just to make going through them quicker for you ;)

I've always liked Easter because I enjoy all the traditions that come with it. I guess they are a bit different for everyone, especially in different countries and cultures. One strong tradition for me is to always colour my Easter eggs with onionskin. I think it makes such beautiful and colourful eggs. I have to admit that I got quite few odd looks when I putting the onion skins in a little bag at Waitrose instead of the onions themselves..but oh well..I needed them :D It is best to do it with white eggs..but much to my surprise I discovered that there are only brown eggs sold in England. Still baffles my mind but once someone decided that the brown eggs are just better for us and the white eggs were eliminated. Random! All of this resulted in a London wide egg hunt for me because I refused to believe that there are NO white eggs on sale.  After hours of searching I was finally able to find four almost white eggs from Harrods. They weren't regular chicken eggs and bit smaller in size but worked for me!


I also managed to win a selma baking competition by submitting a picture of the ones I baked.

I won a free lunch for two at the Scandinavian Kitchen and it was absolutely delicious! The portion was so big that I couldn't even eat all of it..

...and then there was cake too!

My mom managed to find some time and come visit me too. Usually when she comes over it ends up being a days full of shopping but this time we didn't do almost any shopping at all. Instead I showed her around London and some of my favorite places. We had such a lovely time together :)

I took her to Borough market which she absolutely loved..but I guess it is hard not to love it as it is simply amazing. We walked around for a bit and then had some amazing food there as well. 

Other than that we just walked around London for hours..well days and she got to see so many new places. We took a short trip to Harrods too..but only to bring back some more delicious food :D It was my first time to finally try cronuts and it was soooo goood :D The one's from Harrods were a bit big but I actually managed to eat the whole thing! 

It seems like all I ate during spring was different kind of cakes..oops!